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The City of Coconut Creek practices a Commisar-City Manager form of government with a twist. Where most progressives support affordable housing, the City of Coconut Creek attempts to shove their responsibilities off on neighboring cities. (Funny they don't seem to mind sending our children to school in mobile/modular classrooms.;-)

The City Commissioners with their email addresses are linked to below. Please be polite when letting them know how you feel about all the Cocconut Creek mobile home parks being written out of the Comprehensive plan. (Seriously, be polite, because if their scheme succeeds nearly a thousand people will lose their homes, yours could be next.)-:

In Their Own Words

The Coconut Creek Commissioners Learn who decides your future (their emails here).

Special Master finds for Coral Lake 2003-18 05/22/2003 See section 10, consternation ensues.

We don't exist 2003-31 08/20/2003 The Coral Lake property is discussed as though no one lives there (about 3/4's of the way down) starts, "The Mayor Admitted ..."

City votes to begin foreclosure proceedings 2004-12 Foreclosure vote 03/25/2004 see section 18 at the very end.

Fines broken down for the 03/25/2004 vote 2004-12 Report on fines up to 03/25/2004 see section 18 at the very end.

The evidence of the attack on Coral Lake 2004-14 04/08/2004 Scroll down to section 19 near the end, fines for violations both real and imagined are built up to foreclosure levels.

Sale of Coral Lake is forced by threat of foreclosure 2004-22 06/24/2004 See section 8.

More proof of a done deal before the vote 2004-03 09/14/2004 How are we supposed to receive a fair hearing on rezoning when the city plans as if town houses are already on the property? See section 7. To illustrate . . .

Rezoning Meeting Complete Record 2004-09 11/10/2004 This is the transcript of the Nov 10th 2004 first rezoning meeting regarding Coral Lake (appearing online 02/15/05).

Coral Lake requests fines be reduced 2004-40 11/18/2004 Motion tabled see section 19.

Residents to receive state minimum payment 2004-41 12/09/2004 See section 4. Divide $600,000 (the value of 3 of the 300 town homes planned) by 200 lots is $3,000. the average payment to move a single or abandon a double, whoop-de-doo!

Coral Lake fines debated 2004-42 12/09/2004 This city is not helping us. See section 17.

Coral Lake due fines postponed 30 days 2005-03 01/27/2005 see section 16.

Not Extortion - perhaps a series of unfortunate events 2005-03 01/27/2005 see section 16, then refer back to "Sale of Coral Lake is forced by threat of foreclosure"

Coconut Creek Environmental Advisory Board 2005-01 04/19/2005 Board would kinda like to help us but are warned off.

The big June 8th Planning and Zoning Meeting 2005-06 06/08/2005 edited transcript see what you said boils down to in summary.

The big June 9th City Commissioner's Meeting 2005-21 06/09/2005 see sections 24,25,26,27 was there anything we could have said to change their minds?

The final big June 23rd City Commissioner's Meeting 2005-22 06/23/2005 Platt and site are approved and a housing assistance plan is proposed.

The next Planning and Zoning Meeting 2005-07 07/13/2005 Platt and Site Plan for Paloma Lakes is approved and moved to the Commissioners.

Coconut Creek Commissioner's meeting 2005-23 07/19/2005 city position on the lawsuit and taxpayer dollars. Scroll down to the end.

How to stand for election in Coconut Creek March election district E with 6 parks is up for grabs, is there no one capable?

The Amazing Race Two out of three commissioners automatically elected prior to the March 8th election by virtue of running unopposed.

Plans to replace Coral Lake We're shown as being replaced despite the fair and honest hearing we're about to receive.

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