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Eviction services company or hired gun, the traditional role of a relocation company is to take the heat standing between the landowner and the residents.

What can one say about the people who hold our future in their hands? Nice organization that Urban Group.

Frankly The Urban Group (TUG) is an unknown factor, as we don't yet know how they will be funded for this project. Whether they get to keep what funds they don't give the residents? Or are they paid to equitably distribute an independent amount? Remains to be seen.

So far we've only been offered "advice" and have been told we will receive help in setting up a park wide yard sale, as if the rest of Coconut Creek wants our stuff!

One aspect of relocation is fulfilling the requirements of Florida statute 723.083 which requires a mobile home park rezoning must first determine that adequate mobile home parks or other suitable facilities exist for the relocation of the mobile home owners within a 50 mile radius.

It does appear The Urban Group will be providing the survey data for relocation. It also appears this will be a broad brush approach consisting of little more then counting slots available in surrounding mobile home communities without any interest in their requirements, quality of life or life expectancy as a park.

We must be prepared to strongly challenge rezoning if we don't have advanced copies of the relocation park list with a reasonable time to study where we're being advised to move.

As local mobile home parks are a shrinking market due to the developer land grab craze a review of why some parks have slots available without putting in new homes may be an indication of a sick or closing park.

The law clearly says they must find available places in other parks or "suitable facilities" which would be for those who can't move their homes. Again this list should be made available to us prior to any vote based on it. Law doesn't say it must be, but at some point some of us may find ourselves standing in a eviction court asking why none of the places on the list were in fact suitable.

So far no one has bothered to talk to us about what's going on. A clear path to a good outcome would go a long way. I'd like to see some indication the people plotting the park's demise fully understand we OWN our homes and want to keep them.

Didn't we recently fight a war against the Serbs for mass evicting the Albanian Bosnians and destroying their homes/communities? Hard to see how this is all so different if the end result is the same. How does one go about getting in touch with NATO?

Visit The Urban Group TUG web site, they have some pictures of sad looking people standing in front of their mobile homes.

TUG Letter to Coral Lake The Urban Group's Jan 07, 2005 letter to Coral Lake residents.

TUG Letter to Coral Lake The Urban Group's Jan 24, 2005 letter to Coral Lake residents.

TUG 1st general meeting The Urban Group's Feb. 02, 2005 meeting for Coral Lake residents.

What the relocation survey letter looks like See the relocation survey letter.

Coral Lake Relocation Report Exhibit-1 Mobile Home Parks Exhibit-2 Rental Apartments

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