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The Urban Group Letter to Coral Lake Residents

Jan 07, 2005 the First TUG Letter

January 7, 2005
# ..........
4701 Lyons Road
Coconut Creek, FL 33073

RE: Relocation Housing Advisory Services

Dear __________

Coral Lake Mobile Home Park (CLMHP) is under contract to be sold. The Urban Group Inc. (TUG) has been retained to assist you and work with you to find replacement housing if you are eligible., TUG will work directly with you though out the relocation process.

TUG is a Broward County based relocation consulting firm experienced in helping persons and families relocate to new housing. Our staff is familiar with the local available housing, and mobile home market. We have helped hundreds of families move their mobile homes, or to relocate to new housing. We understand that moving can be stressful and unsettling. (editor's note: these people don't seem to comprehend we own our not very mobile homes. This isn't like an apartment move where you have a bad time with the couch. Also note the "or to new housing" modifies the claim of having helped hundreds of families move their mobile homes, which could now mean as few as two families.) Our staff will aid you in your move, and help you through this trying period. We will meet individually with you to discuss housing options and help resolve difficulties associated with your move. TUG will provide an array of advisory services to help complete your relocation with the least amount of disruption. Our staff members are local residents of Broward County and familiar with housing market in Broward County. The project Manager and Chief Relocation Specialist is Rosemary Monaco. TUG will provide services without any cost to you.

If you are the owner of a mobile home you may be entitled to certain moving and displacement payments. To help you with your move, we will advise you about the location of other types of housing, both for rent and to own. And we will refer you to qualified real estate professionals who can help in finding replacement housing.

We plan to have a meeting with all CLMHP residents to answer your questions and outline the process and benefits you may be eligible to receive. A notice of the meeting date and time will be mailed to you. We will also post the date of the meeting in the mobile home park.

If you are a mobile home owner or tenant and have a need to relocate early, as a result of immediate or pending plans, please contact the person below to discuss how we may facilitate advanced relocation options.

Your Coral Lake Mobile Home Park Relocation Coordinator is: Dianne Judge
(954) 522-6226, Ext. 136
Toll Free: 888-522-6226
Fax: (954) 522-6422


Project Manager, Rosemary Monaco will be responsible for the supervision of this relocation project. We have set up a voice mailbox for you to call to inquire about the process. That telephone number is (954) 522-6226, ext. 130.

Yours truly,

Howard W. Steinholz
Supervising Manager

1424 South Andrews Avenue
Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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