Your New Neighbor Garbage Mountain

Paloma Lakes Redevelopment

Considering a new home purchase at Paloma Lakes? Here is the Coconut Creek news you can use.

One of the most exciting things about this living location is being part of a fascinating optical illusion.

Paloma Lakes is located on the North West corner of Lyons Road and Wiles Road. Approaching the community traveling East from 441/State Road 7 one can see a large green mountain in the distance. As you arrive at the corner of Lyons and Wiles the mountain has vanished !!!

Where did the mountain go?

What you are actually seeing is a trick of perspective. The mountain is known locally as Garbage Mountain. Huge piles of rotting garbage that rival the pyramids of Egypt.

Trees are strategically located to block the view of Garbage Mountain from ground level at the corner of Lyons and Wiles Road. This illusion is well worth the trip whether you intend to buy or not.

Unfortunately the illusion isn't effective when viewed from a second or third story window.

Another interesting aspect of Garbage Mountain is methane gas production. The gas is stored during the day and released into the atmosphere at night. You will hardly ever notice the stink unless you step outside to take the night air or sleep with the windows open.

Like the airport? When the methane at Garbage Mountain exceeds free release levels the methane is burnt through a stationary jet engine modification that sounds like a jet aircraft is readying for takeoff for hours. The aroma of burnt methane is hard to describe, though in all honesty it should be noted that previously the landfill was incredibly bad, these days it is simply annoying at times mostly after sundown.

Did you know Paloma Lakes lies between the large family community of Winston Park on the North side and Monarch High School on the South side?

Being built to urban design standards, Paloma Lakes offers wide internal sidewalks while lacking the protective walls of the surrounding communities funneling a small army of teenagers marching through Paloma Lakes doing whatever it is teens do on the way to school and back.

Special paver walkways are planned between Paloma Lakes and Winston Park across Hilton Road to facilitate pedestrian passage through Paloma Lakes to the new 400 acre Main Street party and casino hot spots along the lines of the Hard Rock Cafe and Coco Walk planned to be built behind Monarch High School. You can expect to be living across from a construction site for the next five years.

Consider yourself a concerned citizen? Did you know Paloma Lakes was built on top of a mobile home park the developer Wood Partners arranged to be mass evicted while paying the mobile home owners only a fraction of their housing value?

Care about the environment? Did you know the original three acre lake at Paloma Lakes was filled in burying the animals alive so three new smaller lakes could be dug?

Like horses? If like many previous families you plan to sweeten the move with a chance for the kids to ride horses. The horse stables and riding amenities behind Paloma Lakes were demolished as part of the Main Street project.

Planning to use the city daycare? The program was eliminated as a cost saving measure.

Interested in local city government? Did you know virtually all developer proposals are approved regardless of local citizen opposition?

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The Paloma Lakes web site was here Paloma Lakes

Breaking News. We hear the Coral Lake / Paloma Lakes site will be flipped to Lennar Homes in August, who will build to the original plans of Wood Partners.

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