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If you own a mobile or manufactured home and rent the land within the boundaries of the city of Margate, your home is at risk. Let your voice be heard all the way down at city hall. Use the feedback link below and we will publish your letter online.

If you wish to submit your story to this site, please feel free to do so. You do not have to be a mobile or manufactured home owner, however, mobile home eviction for change of land use is our main focus at this time. If you feel that your rights have been trampled, you can contact us below. Your name will not be used if you request. Please remember, any comment that uses profane or vulgar language will be ignored!

Re: Rancho Margate 11/12/2006

Insurance UP... Utilities UP... Home Prices UP... Taxes UP... Cost Of Living UP...

Income not up=A Negative Surplus

The Coming Economic Crisis...

The only ones that will be able to afford housing will be those involved in... MONEY LAUNDERING

(The real cost of prices getting out of hand)

In addition, to other illegal crimes...

When crime is not punished, the people feel it is acceptable...

What will happen when the State runs out of money used to subsidize those who have been able to get subsidized (section-8)??? MobileHomeParks should be preserved at all cost... It is the only true affordable housing there is which does not require subsidizing by the government... True some homes are older and not a cat3 but some have faired better that some that were built CBS and lost their roofs, and sustained other damages, that are more costly to repair...

(Dead Men Signing Titles... FRAUD???)



Conspiracy to cover-up??? Tax Evasion???

Are there any ethic's violations or conflicts of interest??? IMPROPRIETIES??? (Many seniors, handicapped persons and others are affected by this)... Class Action???

I was given a Bill Of Sale when I purchased my mobile home (9/28/01) from the Mobile Home Park owner Halliday, felonies in family... (No DEALERS LICENSE could be found, felons can not get a Dealers license... FEDERAL & STATE UNFAIR AND DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICE) and was sent a duplicate Certificate Of Title dated (8/8/01) only after I finished the installment payments... It was an open title, in the name of the previous owner (Joseph Proffer)... I called the office about it and was told, “Just put your name on the title.” Mr. Proffer had been deceased before the sale (8/3/01) and had a sister in another state... Death Report (8/3/01)... There are others also with “BAD TITLES” as this seems to be a regular practice of their’s... Has there been tax evasion and other crimes??? Tallahassee has been aware of dead men signing titles, but it went nowhere!!! I was given an appointment with the relocating co at the office in March 2006, and I told them how I was given a bad title... When I called the tag agency, I was informed that another duplicate title was applied for in March 26, 2006... I asked by whom, and was told Mr. Proffer had applied for the duplicate title... I told her Dead men are then signing for titles, since he has been dead since 2001... YES, I DO HAVE THE DOCUMENTS, except for the current duplicate title which I was told would cost me $280.00 to have it put in my name, so I could sign it over and get the $5,375.00 relocation & incentive money!!! FRAUD AND EXTORTION!!!

Faulty housing studies have victimize the frail, elderly, handicapped, and low-income citizens!!! REMEMBER ENRON, THOSE WHO WILL PROFFIT WILL PUT ON PAPER WHATEVER WILL BE IN THERE FAVOR, ENEN IF IT’S NOT THE TRUTH!!!

The park was sold with all liabilities etc. (Those in charge may conveniently loose all the paperwork)... I think a cease and desist order would be in order, or some kind of immediate raid to get the documents, before they are destroyed...

The agency told me they could not find a mobile home dealer's license in the park's name (Rancho Margate Estates/AKA Rancho Margate MHP) or under the park owner's name (Halliday)... I wonder if the felonies have something to do with it... I suspect there has been tax evasion, and other crimes going on, as I am not the only one who had a bad title, in this park... I understand that there have been and currently are other bad titles, in at least two other parks that have been owned by the same family, who knows how many others... They then sell the mobile home parks so they can be torn down for development... I heard that this family, has owned numerous mobile home parks, and currently still owns at least one mobile home park in Hallandale, Broward County, Florida... I further understand that not having a dealer's license falls under the Federal and State UNJUST/UNFAIR AND DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICE ACT...

I suspect that there is also a conspiracy to cover-up these wrong doings and criminal actions by selling these mobile home parks to developers, who may also have many accomplices to help in the cover-up, including some corruption and ethical violations by former and current government officials... I understand the park was even allowed to operate without an occupational license and code violations for over a year!!! (Many senior and handicapped persons are affected by this)... Is this what is known as HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS???

Jack Tobin, a former State Representative from Margate (passed house bill 1042 April 15, 1985). Jack Tobin past president for area-wide council on Ageing (Senior Center NW Focal Point), has also been president of Margate Chamber of Commerce. Jack Tobin Lobbyist for the City of Margate... City Commissioners meeting approved a resolution (11/02/2005) for the amendment to Jack Tobin and Associates contract for lobbying services... (Why did they have the moral and ethics clause, removed from his contract)??? Is a lobbyist supposed to be representing the citizens??? If so, how can he also represent the Developers??? The City Commissioners’ meeting (10/18/2006) has just renewed his lobbying contract!!!

In June 1984 The Grand Jury indicted Tobin, Schwartz and Liederman on bribery charges, which were later dropped, as Schwartz (key witness given immunity) seemed to develop amnesia ... (Does that tell you anything)??? How can Jack Tobin represent the citizens and still represent the Developers who are eliminating the homes of the seniors, the disabled and very-low income citizens when they are being compelled to abandon their pets, their homes and their belongings, like a form of animal cruelty and eminent domain, without fair market value, and no affordable place to go...

Are there any ethic's violations, or conflicts of interest??? Are there any improprieties???

During the sale of our Mobile Home Community, The Developers were invited by our City Officials, Police and Fire departments, all of whom and others will profit from the higher taxes the 419 Luxury townhouses ($250,000.00 to $300,000.00) will bring in!!! What about the raises they passed for themselves??? Now comes Jack Tobin (lobbyist) before the City that he is the lobbyist for, as the representative of the Developers... The Developers being the ones that remodeled the Senior Center “NW Focal Point” and now want to demolish our Mobile Home Community...

The members of the City Commission are also the same members of the City’s CRA board... This “done deal” was it a perk, for the Senior Center’s remodeling job which I understand was a cost of ($MILLIONS)??? Is there NEPOTISM??? WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVITY??? INVESTIGATIONS ARE NEEDED!!!

Tallahassee has objected to the land use change as being contrary to their Comprehensive Plan, which stated they would be preserving Mobile Home Parks!!! Now the city wants to change that and is still going forward!!! City of Margate has it online for Wednesday’s Nov 15th Commissioners Meeting; it is a 100-page document on the Comprehensive Plan...

Thus homelessness hovers on the brink as there is no funding available to be put on a section-8 housing list that’s closed, with a 2-4 year wait for those able to get on it... Is this JUSTICE??? Investigations are needed... I have the documentations and so do others... What they offered had to be brought to pre hurricane standards ($24,000 for porch and carport) plus it is a handyman’s special on the inside, and I didn’t qualify under their income requirements!!!

Thank You For Giving Of Your Time, To The Reading Of This Matter!!! My eviction/answer hearing took place on Wednesday November 8, 2006, waiting on decision... PRAY FOR US!!!

Myrna Gallo, PO Box 670784, Coral Springs, Florida 33067 (954) 975 8606

Re: Rancho Margate Update 06/01/2006

The park is down to about 35-40 occupied home sites. Some homes are being demolished or removed, the dangerous ones were supposed to be removed before the start of hurricane season June 1st.

There will be a DRC meeting Friday June 2nd at the water works at 10:30 am to discuss changes to the developer's site plan.

The ad advertising the amendment to the comprehensive plan to increase the density of the park was published in the Sunday Sun-Sentinel May 28th. This was a stealth ad as the park name was not mentioned in the ad, only the street name gives Margate citizens a clue what their city is up to.

The Margate city commission will hear the proposed amendment to the comprehensive plan on June 7th at 7:30 pm at city hall. The meeting agenda still has not been published and so we wait to see if the zoning change will also be on their plate.

If you intend to speak on the proposed amendment to the comprehensive plan i.e. density, the city's plans for the future, low income housing, etc. you will need to restrict your remarks to address only that arena and not wander off into other park issues.

Those with funny titles, such as those supposedly signed by someone known to be dead, having problems should contact Myrna Gallo 954 975 8606 she has the state forms to report the matter to the proper authorities.

Re: Rancho Margate Update 05/15/2006

The city is dragging their feet letting the park be emptied before taking up the challenge of determining whether there is a place for these people to go.

We expected the May 17th Commission meeting to be the big show down, but the only thing on the agenda for Rancho Margate is a Motion to advertise the pending amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to increase density on the land.

Clearly time and relocation incentive money will run out for park residents before their cry for justice will be heard at city hall. By then the park won't be worth saving and this greedy developer will win by default, riding to victory on the backs of their victims.

Margate residents should take note the city has done nothing to prevent this and some powerful person has clearly given this developer the wink and nod to move outside the legal path to closing a mobile home park.

Re: Zoning Meeting Notice for May 2nd 2006 Rancho Margate

PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE OF REGULATION OF LAND USE You are hereby notified of a Public Hearing before the Local Planning Agency of the City of Margate to be held on Tuesday, May 2, 2006, at 7:00 p.m., in the Commission Chambers, Margate City Hall, 5790 Margate Boulevard, Margate, Florida, to consider the following proposal to regulate the land use within the City limits by amending the Margate Land Use Plan: PETITIONERS: Mr. Tony Mijares, President, United Homes International, Inc. and agents, Mr. Jay Huebner, P.E., HSQ Group, Inc. and Mr. Gerald Knight, Esq., Billing, Cochran, Heath, Lyles, Mauro & Anderson, P.A. SUBJECT: A 29.5 net acre and a 29.98 gross acre parcel of land located on the east corner of State Road 7 at Rancho Boulevard. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Tracts 88, 89, 90, 91 and 92 in Block 90 of the Palm Beach Farms Co. Plat No. 3, according to the Plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 2, Page 45 through 54, of the public records of Palm Beach County, FL. FROM: R10 Residential TO: R14 Residential All interested persons may be present at this Public Hearing and be heard with respect to the above-mentioned matter. If a person decides to appeal any decision made by the Planning and Zoning Board/Local Planning Agency with respect to any matter considered at these meetings, s/he will need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. (Anyone desiring a verbatim transcript shall have the responsibility, at his/her own expense, to arrange for the transcript). Any person with a disability requiring auxiliary aids and services for these meetings may call the City Clerk's office at 954-972-6454 with their request at least two business days prior to the date of the meetings. CITY OF MARGATE, FLORIDA Judith A. Kilgore, City Clerk April 21, 2006 Apr. 21 Mark Ad:

PUBLIC HEARING PZ-1-06 You are hereby notified of a Public Hearing before the Planning and Zoning Board/Local Planning Agency of the City of Margate to be held on Tuesday, May 2, 2006, at 7:00 PM in the Commission Chambers, Margate City Hall, 5790 Margate Boulevard, Margate, Florida 33063. To be considered is a rezoning request of petitioner as follows: PETITIONERS: Mr. Tony Mijares, President, United Homes International, Inc. and agents, Mr. Jay Huebner, P.E., HSQ Group, Inc. and Mr. Gerald Knight, Esq., Billing, Cochran, Heath, Lyles, Mauro & Anderson, P.A. REZONING FROM: T1 (MOBILE HOME PARK) REZONING TO: PUD (PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT) SUBJECT PROPERTY: East corner of State Road 7 at Rancho Boulevard, Margate, FL LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Tracts 88, 89, 90, 91 and 92 in Block 90 of the Palm Beach Farms Co. Plat No. 3, according to the Plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 2, Page 45 through 54, of the public records of Palm Beach County, FL. All interested persons may be present at this Public Hearing and be heard regarding the above-mentioned matter. If a person decides to appeal any decision made by the Planning and Zoning Board/Local Planning Agency with respect to any matter considered at this meeting, s/he will need a record of the proceedings and for such purpose may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. (Anyone desiring a verbatim transcript shall have the responsibility, at his/her own expense, to arrange for the transcript). Any person with a disability requiring auxiliary aids and services for this meeting may call the City Clerk's office at 954-972-6454 with their request at least two business days prior to the meeting date. CITY OF MARGATE, FLORIDA Judith A. Kilgore, CMC, City Clerk April 21, 2006

Re: Zoning Meeting

We hear there will be a Margate Zoning Board meeting May 2nd with Rancho Margate on the agenda. The Relocation Report is also supposed to be available as a public document prior to this meeting. Further news as it developes.

Re: DRC Meeting

There will be a DRC meeting Friday April 7th at 10:30 AM at the city water plant. Rancho Margate is the first three items on the agenda discussing rezoning and platting. Representatives of the park should make it a point to be there. More information may be found on the city web site. Margate Web site when there click on Meeting Agenda's for a list, click those to learn more.

Re: Planing and Zoning Meeting

There will be a planning and zoning meeting at 7:00 PM at city hall in the commission chambers on April 4th. Rancho Margate is not on the agenda, but residents are advised to have a representative there.

Re: What are we to do!!!03/29/2006


My pets and I live in Rancho Margate (55+) Mobile Home Park (MHP). We had a 99-year lease when I moved in. (WHAT HAPPENED TO IT)??? I’m on disability. We’ve had 243 rented lots, with approximately 400 residents. Is there any way you can help us find suitable (affordable, pet friendly) housing? I understand there are already over 10,000 Homeless persons in Broward County, with a 4-year waiting list for low-income housing. They think subsidized and Assisted Living is the way to go. I DO NOT!!! Some in this park are already subsidized, others are on disability or just low-income with out being subsidized. Some like I with pets we associate as members of our family (like children).

I understand that FEMA and the RED CROSS are probably quite familiar with what’s available in Broward County as suitable (affordable and pet friendly) housing. Of which I understand that there is none in Miami, Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County. Hendry County told me the only affordable housing is in Mobile Home Parks, with mobile homes selling for around (one hundred thousand dollars $100,000). In addition to this mobile home park there will be 2 others also closing in the city of Margate and several others in the surrounding cities in order to allow for land use changes. This will bring an additional 1,000+ persons who will need to be relocated.

Margate is just one of the cities that do not want Mobile Home Parks within its City. We border the Coconut Creek Casino, which is expected to expand into the equivalent of the HARD ROCK in Hollywood. It has further been said that the city wants the higher tax base the $300,000 Town Homes will bring, to the point that the city of Margate is even willing to subsidize the Developers in the taking down of our Mobile Home Park, in order for this redevelopment to take place. It has also been said that the city, county and state ALL want the elimination of MOBILE HOME PARKS altogether.

If there is anyone who can also help change legislation to close the loopholes in the law to at least offer protection to Mobile Home Park residents in the future, and correct this injustice affecting so many. Is there a Human Rights Violation going on??? PLEASE HELP!!!


We only have first right of refusal if it’s an unsolicited sale (should apply to any sale. I do not believe that what has happened to others and us was the intent of the law. Sales were passed on to other subsidiaries of the same company to keep the residents from purchasing the park.

Certified letters of intent to purchases and sales should be sent not only to board members but also to all Mobile Home Owners being affected. Since bribery of board members and park managers will prevent the truth from being told to the other Mobile Home owners. There was talk of some $5 million in this park.

Any member should be allowed to bring in a guest speaker to the meetings (membership vote would be acceptable). I had contacted a representative from the FMO as well as a financing representative so they could speak to the membership about information, advice or assistance that they may be able to give us in the purchase of the park but both said they would require the invite to be from a board member. I gave them the information of several names & numbers but they were never at our meetings due to the boards private (secrete) meetings (hidden agendas) and lying to us. To the point when I contacted the former owners office in Hallendale. I was then informed that they told a few people that if they kept using their name (Holiday) in the lies they were telling they were going to be sued.

Compensation for relocation of displaced mobile home owners is so antiquated at $1,375.00, when mobile homes now cost not even 9 times as much but (90 ninety) times as much. Mobile Homes are now selling for $100,000.00 (THAT’S 100 THOUSAND DOLLARS). Can this be justice??? Moving a mobile home the allotted 50 miles can cost $12,000.00. Mobile Home Parks do not allow outside mobile homes into their parks, since they also have mobile homes for sale.

Mobile Home Parks (now considered the low and median income housing) should not be allowed to be taken down, in order to be replaced with median-income ($349,000.00) housing. If the current park owners are not willing to continue running it as a mobile home park it should have been sold to the residents at the $11million it first sold for let alone the $16.5 million it was advertised for. Buyers should be required to run it as a mobile home park by honoring the fact that the residents moved in understanding it was a mobile home park (like honoring an existing lease in home buying and otherwise rescinding the sale). I feel an EMERGENCY INJUNCTION is needed in order to allow for investigations to take place…

I was sold my mobile home with an open title by Billy Holiday, which he would not give me till I finished paying for it. Violations??? I was told that his father Bob Holiday couldn’t be owner due to been a felon (unconfirmed), also that our park manager also was a felon (also unconfirmed), and some residents also felons (against park rules), also the 55+ requirements were being violated and other code violations that were taking place. Legal Aid told me not to say anything about the title problem as they would handle it later. But to try to reach a settlement which cost me $150.00. I felt it was in retaliation over my reporting their code violation. Legal Aid felt that the $150.00 was not enough for them to go to the expense and time, but never did follow through, with the title problem. This may have been a common practice of the Holiday’s, as Bob Holiday told me he had inside connections with Florida Department of Mobile Homes and Land Sales in Tallahassee and else ware since his worth he said was over $30million.

There has also been talk of FRAUD in that $63,000.00 of FEMA money had disappeared, and they had no intention of keeping it as a mobile home park as it was already in litigation for sale when the FEMA cleanup money was applied for. WE NEED AN EMERGENCY INJUNCTION AND A MAJOR INVESTIGATION OF ANY HANKY PANKY THAT MAY HAVE OCCURRED. AS WELL AS TO WHETHER THERE WERE ANY HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS COMITTED. AS WELL AS TO ANY CRIMES THAT MAY HAVE BEEN COMMITTED TO US SENIORS AND DISABLED PERSONS. THERE HAVE ALSO BEEN OTHERS JUST THROWN OUT WITHOUT A PROPER EVICTION. Have there been any human rights violations. Maybe it’s a case for the Supreme Court???


Jack Tobin was the State Representative from Margate (passed house bill 1042 April 15, 1985). Jack Tobin past president of NW Focal Point for area wide council on Ageing, has also been president of Margate Chamber of Commerce. City commission meeting approved a resolution (11/02/2005) for the amendment to Jack Tobin and Associates contract for lobbying services. Now comes Jack Tobin as the representative to the Developers and said at a commission meeting we would have one year but instead we got certified letters giving us 6 months but with an incentive of a few thousand dollars if we move, turn in our keys and sign away our rights to sue or litigate within a 60 day period which would mean we would only have 2 months and not even our 6 months. These Developers want to eliminate $472 lot rents for $300,000 Town Homes. This would eliminate our Mobile Home Community (How did The City of Margate also agree to subsidize this travesty to low-income Seniors & Disabled Persons).

The new owners have gotten approval to increase lots (amendment to prospective they have no intentions of following through with Mobile Home Tenants). It’s only a ploy to abuse the judicial system, so they can claim a higher non-occupancy percentage in order to facilitate the closing of this park for their financial gains at the expenses of the low-income Seniors and Disabled persons that live in this mobile home community—manipulation

Are there any conflicts of interests? Looking into the future, what is going to happen when our troops come back, will they find affordable housing if we are forced to take what is available, through subsidize. If they have friends & family here they might want to find housing here. Are they going to be able to afford the $300,000.00 homes that are left or are there going to be a lot of foreclosures, and more families addicted to gambling thanks to the Hard Rock? We already have a housing crisis in South Florida those who don’t know it are kidding themselves. Economy in the year 2015+??? Headlines “CITYS AND COUNTYS GET HIGH TAXES.” Consequently causing unprecedented homelessness and exhausting city, county, state and federal funds!!!

We need help!!!

Cc: to who ever is interested and willing to hear about our plight and may be able to help our cause including the bringing about changes in the laws of Mobile Home Parks.

Myrna E. Gallo

P.O. Box 670784

Coral Springs, Florida 33067

(954) 975 8606 best after 8pm

P.S. I understand that the list of available places is out of date with #’s disconnected, places no longer available etc. Even Tallahassee has been duped, since State law requires developers replacing mobile home parks to produce a report showing that comparable affordable housing exists elsewhere for residents who would be displaced. I do not feel that Assisted Living Facilities or subsidized housing is the answer. Example the City of Ft. Lauderdale is now subsidizing those with household incomes of $69,720.00!!! Obviously there is no longer a median-income working society, at the same time there is no funding available to subsidize the thousands of people who are going to be displaced from low-income housing!!! There needs to be a moratorium on housing in all of South Florida. These builders are pricing out the low-income, median-income, disabled, and working society. This will further drive out the middle class as not only insurance, but taxes that will follow will more likely be less affordable!!! I think more mobile home parks need to be built, but where the land can be individually purchased…

Check it out!!!

Miami Herald, the (FL)



"I am confident that no jury would have convicted anyone based on Rick Schwartz," Gerstein said. "The case should have been dropped based upon the admitted perjury of the state's sole witness and the taint of the grand jury that should have known about that perjury."


South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Fl)




Web Editor's Note: For the record: One of Broward State Attorney Mike Satz's most notable cases was a bribery scandal involving former Rep. Jack (Lobster Boy) Tobin. Tobin was acquitted, and charges were dropped against three others indicted in the case. The awful record of Satz's longtime public corruption prosecutor, Ed Pyers, earned him the courthouse nickname of ``0-for-88 Eddie.''

Re: DRC Meeting 03/17/2006

Attended the Margate 03/17/2006 DRC meeting where developer United Homes requested and received a density increase for Rancho Margate from (5-10) to (10-15) homes per acre. As this will make it easier to move ahead with their plans to replace Rancho Margate Mobile Home Park with town homes, I was surprised not to see any Rancho Margate home owners at this meeting.

I pointed out the current lack of a relocation study and that the density increase was unsuited to a mobile home park that is already full. The response was the city was unconcerned as the developer was assuming risk and the increased density wouldn't be a problem as the mobile homes wouldn't be there.

The next opportunity for Rancho Margate to make their voices heard will be at the City of Margate Advisory Committee for the Disabled on April 3rd at 7:00 PM, at the Municipal Building, located at 5790 Margate Boulevard, Margate.

Rancho Margate residents with disabilities and their friends need to attend these city meetings to not only put a continuous human face on the park before the city, but to protest the unfair treatment of the disabled, the loss of their investment in their homes and the additional costs they will be forced to endure moving and to make their new homes handicapped accessible.

Re: Rancho Margate 02/23/2006

Once again we're faced with a developer's legal trickery to mass evict a Florida community.

Rancho Margate is zoned T-1. The only approved use of T-1 property is a Trailer/Mobile/RV park or vacant land, yet the six month change of use letter residents of Rancho Margate received advises them the land is being changed to another authorized use. There's only two, that's all there is!

Is it appropriate to empty the land for change of use and then apply to the city for rezoning? Supposedly the land must sit empty for at least two years not to be considered an end run round the law (723.083).

Application for a change of zoning usually takes at least months even if the tracks are greased, as multiple votes must take place before even perfect plans are approved.

The rezoning process will barely begin before the two months are up for moving out with the full early move-out fund amount.

This is likely a trick to prevent park residents' from availing themselves of their 723.061(2) guaranteed right to object to a change in zoning at any time.

While the developer will likely present this as con-current planning to get everything done as quickly as possible, it takes on the appearance of an end run around the law, especially if rezoning isn't a done deal pushed through by motivated city officials.

The city has requirements to meet before rezoning see (723.083) which aren't possible under an honest interpretation of the law so we can expect the law to be misinterpreted by the developer's experts and maybe even by the city attorney advising the city Commissioners prior to voting.

As this vote will likely take place in the second or third tier of the move-out incentive, it will be presented as pointless to not rezone the property.

If the city of Margate cared about their citizens they would inform the developer the land will never be rezoned from T-1 as they are required to allow some place for mobile homes (163.3177(6)(f)(d)).

If the city of Margate wants the park gone, but still cares about their citizens, they could inform the developer they will never rezone the land if the residents aren't paid fair market value for their homes, instead of the amounts currently being offered.

Robert Perkis / Web Master



Febuary 22, 2006


* Welcome
* Who Are The Urban Group?
* Project Status
* The Urban Group's Role At Rancho Margate
* Introduction To The Urban Group Staff
* Move-out Schedule And Payment Plan
* Builder Credit By United Homes
* Responses To Submitted Questions
* Closing Remarks


Program Qualifications

* Must have title to mobile home in your name.
* Must be current in rental obligation.
* Must not be party to lawsuit against the Park owner with regards to Park closing.

Statutory Requirements

* Florida Statute 723
* Florida Mobile Home Relocation Corporation www.fmhrc.net

Claim Forms and Certification Required For Payment

* Must complete claim forms
* Must sign Release and waiver form


All figures include state Relocation Fund amounts of

$ 6,000 toward moving a double wide
$ 3,000 toward moving a single wide
$ 2,750 for abandoning a double wide
$ 1,375 for abandoning a single wide

Multi-Section Mobile Home (2 titles)

* March 1 to April 30, 2006

Relocate Mobile Home $ 10,000
Abandon Mobile Home $ 7,000

* May 1 to June 30, 2006

Relocate Mobile Home $ 8,000
Abandon Mobile Home $ 5,000

* July 1 to September 30, 2006

Relocate Mobile Home $ 6,000
Abandon Mobile Home $ 3,000

Single-Section Mobile Home (1 title)

* March 1 to April 30, 2006

Relocate Mobile Home $ 7,000
Abandon Mobile Home $ 5,375

* May 1 to June 30, 2006

Relocate Mobile Home $ 5,000
Abandon Mobile Home $ 3,375

* July 1 to September 30, 3006

Relocate Mobile Home $ 3,000
Abandon Mobile Home $ 1,375

United Homes Builder Credit

A credit of $ 5,000 will be given by United Homes International, Inc. to any Rancho Margate homeowner toward the purchase of a home in any of our communities.

For more information regarding the above communities please visit our web site at www.unitedhomesintl.com. Specific community sales center locations and telephone numbers are listed on the web.

Contact United Homes Sales Offices

Housing Locations

Tamarac (954) 721-6878

North Lauderdale and Lauderdale Lakes (954) 933-9021

South Dade (954) 256-3088

Stuart (954) 219-2362

The Urban Group, Inc.



1424 S. Andrews Avenue
Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33316
(954) 522-6226

Rancho Margate Mobile Home Owners Direct Extension and Voice Mail:
(054) 522-6226, Ext. 114

Rancho Margate Office Telephone Number:
(954) 972-5800

Project Manager Rosemary Monaco:
(954) 522-622, Ext. 137
Toll Free:
(888) 522-6226
Web site


See the form in your packet.

(Editor's Note: In case of any differences between the web site and the original document please refer to the original.

Re: Rancho Margate 02/17/2006

Residents report receiving their six month notice of pending eviction.

The notice says they must be out by Sept. 30, 2006. This comes as a surprise as a request for rezoning the property has not yet been applied for. Now that the housing crisis has become critical, this may be a new developer's trick to empty the land before requesting a zoning change to avoid proving to the city of Margate there is available affordable housing and mobile home parks for the residents to relocate to.

A city that cares about its citizens should tell the developer in no uncertain terms they will never rezone the land from T-1 if they use this trick to evade the intent of the legislature.

Questions, comments, or suggestions?  Send us feedback

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